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Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Beaches 



Villa Mulyono is surrounded by plenty of interesting as well as unique places that will be a huge shame to be missed. Here are the most gorgeous areas you should really try to experience with their own different things these magnificent sceneries could offer.


Volcanoes: BROMO ​

Mount Bromo is uniquely known because of its volcano inside a volcano. The Base of the Mountain rises from an ancient Tengger caldera it is well known as the world's most active volcanic mountain.Mt. Bromo has a unique natural phenomena in from of a crater on the crater covered by sand sea.To get to the peak of Mount Bromo itself, you can either walk or take a horse ride to the staircase of the mountain. Horse rides are operated by local Tenggerese youngsters that will cost you Rp. 100.000 at the most.

Then we use the concrete stairs up to the edge of the crater where you will see a large caving crater with smokes coming out of the bottom showing the active volcano.From there you could enjoy one of the world's greatest volcanic mountain and the outstanding natural panorama they have surrounding the national park.


Waterfalls: COBAN RONDO ​

Sights of this waterfall is located on the slopes of Gunung Kawi, precisely Pandesari Village, District Pujon, district Malang, at an altitude of 1135 meters above sea level, this region was cool and comfortable to visit. Attraction is the perfect time to be a place to spend holidays with family. In this waterfall, you can also swim in the pool that is formed naturally because of waves of water that falls from a height of 85 meters.Coban Rondo has a pretty heavy flow of water. When the dry season, water discharge can reach 90 liters per second, whereas in the rainy season, this waterfall can drain water discharge of 150 liters per second. The water is rushing tourists are often used for relaxation by sitting under the waterfall and let his body slammed by the swift water.If you want to reach the waterfall, you have to walk about 2 km from the purchase of a ticket booth. Your trip will not be hard, because the thick green trees that will protect you from the sun and give plenty of oxygen to the lungs. The path that must pass is good enough so as not to burden your trip.




Coban Talun Waterfall, will be more exotic when seen at a distance close enough to the fall of the water with a weight of about 75 meters. The thunder sound of the collision of water with the rock underneath the waterfall adds to the sensation of the blast. Sights in the vicinity of the waterfalls more increase because you can see also lots of rainbows that can be seen in every corner of the waterfall.

It is located in Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji subdicstict, Batu City.

This waterfall Meanwhile, on the left and right along the 2km trail was surrounded by a ravine. But once you arrive at the location of the waterfall, fatigue will soon be replaced by a sense of relief, delighted, and amazed at the beauty of natural Coban Talun Waterfall scenery.










A magnificent rocky beach, beautiful seascapes, and violently giant waves. Best places to go are Ngliyep, Balekambang and Pulau Sempu near Sendang Biru ...Pulau Sempu is a Nature Reserve of a 900 ha island South of East Java. On the island you'll find white beaches and dense tropical rainforest. Locals will tell you about the last Javan Tigers in the reserve. And about the special ceremonies to get the famous "Kayu Pelet" wood (a kind of flaming wood used for the handle of a kris, Javanese dagger or mystic blade of Indonesia) ...


​​(*) We will provide the tour guide and vehicle for your convenient trip.





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